Meet Matthew Clarke

We continue our journey around Caribbean comics. Matthew Clarke is an artist we met in his country, Barbados, last year. He’s tall by his physical and high artistically 🙂 today, we share with you some words he kindly accepted to give us to talk about his work and his idea about Caribbean comics artists.

My background is fine art and graphic design. I have an associate degree in visual art and a bachelor degree in graphic design. My mother is a fine artist and art teacher. So I grew up around art.

I think Caribbean authors have in there hands a new « frontier » of never before seen concepts and visuals but they need to simply get the work finished and released. « Beyond Publishing Caribbean » aims to do this. To publish Caribbean work, and we do just that, I expect that we will eventually create a niche genre.

My message is simple. Get it done. A lot of us never get past the sketch book phase.

To know more about Matthew Clarke’s art:

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