Meet Henry Grandison

The designers and developers of cartoons and other graphic artists from the Caribbean have an abundant imagination . Working in the shadow , they create many stories , so many reflections of our ideas and our desires .

Henry Grandison is one of them and an accomplished graphic designer who develops some of its activity within Grandison Design. Another part , not least , is that of comics . For it, he received his 2nd place award for best Character at Kingstoon 2016 in March. Some of his creations are visible in I-Land Chronicles.

We share with you some pictures and a few words he kindly gave to ‘Yé Clik‘ .


17793_502394309800582_774110139_nI was born in Annotto Bay St. Mary, Jamaica. From birth I was exposed to fine art and soon I developed my passion for comic book art which was supported by my mother. I am a comic book artist and creator of Maroonblack. MaroonBlack is a Jamaican comic book that integrates the use of Jamaican folklore, legends and myths into a fictional story of magic and intrigue. It is action packed and is relatable worldwide.

maroonblack issue one assembly cover tabliod
© Henry Grandison
Maroonblack issue#1 page1
© Henry Grandison


I would tell the Caribbean comic book artist to use their culture in their work because it is rich and the world needs to know of it.


We invite you to support this artist , especially , following his activity on social networks .


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